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The Best Pesticide to Use in Your Organic Home Garden

Neem Oil is an amazing, effective product that targets pests and keeps you and your pets safe in the process.

When my husband and I bought our home I was immediately over the moon when I saw that we had a beautiful vegetable garden. My dream of somehow being a farmgirl with all the luxuries of city life had finally come true! -Then a bunch of aphids showed up and nearly ruined it all! Ok maybe I'm being dramatic, but seriously, they can wreak havoc on your garden if you don't pay close attention.

Since I have kids(and 2 bunnies) that like to run around in the yard, I wanted to get rid of the bugs without spraying harmful chemicals. I opted for Neem Oil, which doubles as a fungicide, making it a really appealing option. I noticed that there are a ton of organic products out there, but they are a lot more expensive and not necessarily more effective than this tried and true method. Neem oil comes from the seeds of neem trees and has been used for 4500 years. It protects against blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, spider mites, aphids, and whiteflies!

I ended up buying the 16 fl oz concentrate on Amazon for about $20. You mix the oil at a ratio of about 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Using this ratio, you can make about 16 gallons of pesticide!

To mix the oil, just fill a spray canister(like the one I have from Scotts) with 1 gallon of water. Then add the 2 tablespoons of neem oil and shake it up. Spray your plants every other week as needed. Make sure to follow the safety guidelines and avoid spraying when there are active bees. I have found that spraying in the evening works best.

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